Dale Avenue, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 8LS

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Our Ethos and Vision 

 At The Windmills Junior School we will inspire ALL our children to gain the skills for lifelong learning and to strive for the highest possible outcomes in reading, writing and maths; irrespective of starting points and taking full account of individuals’ specific needs.

Teaching and learning will be motivational, creative and fun and based on a cross-curricula approach that celebrates the arts, music, physical activity and personal and social growth so that children have a solid foundation in all subjects and in the life skills which are needed to become effective members of the community.

They will be confident learners and be well prepared for the next level of their education.


Underpinning all we do are our core values of:

courage, kindness, independence, respect, curiosity, perseverance

We believe that if we embed these in our school and teach these values to our children that they will have the emotional resilience and skills to succeed throughout their lives. 


(Agreed by Governors 2018)