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Assessment & Grammar 

 Following the Assessment and Grammar presentation to parents, a number of parents asked for me to send out the slides and also for additional guidance and support on the new expectations of grammar in the English curriculum. I have produced a support sheet that makes some recommendations for parents. On this there are some suggested resources, in terms of purchasing books, that outline all the new expectations as well as providing examples. There are also some videos links containing more information for parents as well as links to sites that children can use for working on their grammar. In addition I have also attached a glossary of definitions as this may be helpful.
I want to reiterate to parents to try not to worry about these new expectations. The children will be taught all the elements that they need to know throughout their time with us. We will cover the curriculum in full. Anything additional you do with your child to support them with this learning is great but there is no expectation that you will do more homework than is set. This pack has been provided because some parents stated that it would be useful.