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Curriculum Intent 

 As a school, we have set our curriculum intent with our children at the centre. All of our subject intents link to our main curriculum intent:

  • To engage the children to learn key concepts and knowledge that will inspire ambition, lead to academic success and support them in their later employment.
  • To broaden our children’s horizons, exploring concepts that provoke a personal response or opinion, thinking about their place in the world and encouraging them to develop as global citizens.
  • To be aware of different points of view in order to develop a greater tolerance of others and to express their views appropriately.
  • To look specifically at the key themes of democracy and equality in order to understand how societies have evolved.

 Most of our topics are history led and are based around the key themes of settlement, democracy, monarchy, empire and wealth and poverty. These key themes run in a progressive way throughout the history curriculum so that the children build upon and revisit prior concepts and learning.

We have been working really hard over the last year to update and improve our curriculum provision to make the learning as inspirational and meaningful to our children as possible (whilst still covering the National Curriculum). We have used staff meeting time and INSET days to really focus on this – it is an exciting time and the teachers have been amazing at grasping this opportunity to think about what we are teaching and how to provide the most interesting and relevant learning opportunities possible for your children.

What we teach and when we teach is changing to ensure clarity in progression in skills and knowledge. Don’t presume that just because a certain topic or event has happened in the past it will happen this year! We are improving things for the better rather than just doing what we have historically done.

Here is just a flavour of the learning this term (Autumn 2019).

Year 3: Why settle here? – Children will look at the stark difference between modern day settlement and the nature of Stone Age settlement. They will be thinking about what they have today and comparing this to the essentials needed to start a basic settlement. There is a strong Geography element to this topic and children will be learning more about Hassocks and its place in the wider world as well as looking at other places people choose to settle.

Year 4: Wealth and Water – A deep look at the settlement of Ancient Egypt and all its wonders with a focus on wealth & poverty; looking at the life of a slave compared to the grandeur of the Pharaoh. Children will also be developing an understanding of the crucial importance of water, beginning with a look at the River Nile and its importance on both the Ancient World and life in those areas today. This then leads to exploring the role rivers play in settlements both in the UK and further afield.

Year 5: Raiders to Rulers - The end of the Roman Empire, the advance of Anglo Saxon rule and the raids of the Vikings are looked at in this first topic around the key themes of Empire, Invasion, Settlement and Monarchy. Children also learn more about the geographical features of the UK as well as learning about mountain ranges and how they are formed. They also look at the forces of nature, with a focus on natural events such as avalanches.

Year 6: Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th Century – The children will be using their chronological skills to look at how dramatically these two elements changed throughout the 20th Century. Most importantly, they will look at how one invention led to another and how everyday items and life developed over time. Children will also look at the history of film during this time as well as studying the Monarchs of the 20th Century and their impact on the lives of others.

Our curriculum is designed to develop our children as self-assured and confident individuals who are fully prepared for their transition into secondary school and beyond, as well as fully equipped with the literacy and numeracy skills needed for a successful future.

We are working on a curriculum overview and this will be published and developed over the coming year.   Watch this space………………………………

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