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Letter to The Windmills children from Mrs Murray 24.03.20

24 March 2020 (by Gillian Keighley (gkeighley))

Mrs Murray has sent a letter to The Windmills Junior School children via their parents and carers by email this afternoon. We would very much appreciate it if you could read this with the children.

Mrs Murray writes, "Although we are not all still together in the same building, we are still all together in our hearts and we will continue to be there for each other. Just think of the stories we will have to tell and how brilliant it will be when we are back together.

You are doing brilliantly and I will think about you every single day and keep supporting you to be the wonderful, creative, talented, courageous young people that you are. 

Take care of each other and try to have as much fun as you can – keep up that learning."

The full letter can be viewed on the school website, on the Homepage under School News.