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Yr 6 Spellings

Spellings are all now located on the Spelling tool - the link can be accessed via the Homepage

Set on 27.11.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
explosion ceiling revision
relevant protein impression
signature seize discussion
impression receive possession
expansion neither progression
confession either expansion
revision deceive decision
pronunciation explosion

Set on 21.11.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
decision confidence compete
collision silence competition
possession urgency calculate
discussion difference calculation
tension obedience office
profession patience official
individual frequency conscience
marvellous conscious

Set on 13.11.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
subtraction confident amateur
spacious silent bargain
infection urgent foreign
antisocial different guarantee
miscalculation obedient hindrance
dictionary patient mischievous
ancient frequent queue
curiosity vehicle

Set on 06.11.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
station understandably accommodate
delicious suitably appreciate
section miserably committee
politician horribly definitely
explanation terribly environment
especially possibly equipped
frequently responsibly opportunity
hindrance sufficient

Set on 24.10.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
trying suitable profession
happily miserable sufficient
mysterious adorable correspond
spying reliable apparently
business enjoyable opportunity
develop breakable mysterious
embarrass understandable business
foreign heavily

Set on 17.10.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
beginning sensible principal
forgotten terrible proceed
regretted responsible weary
admitting invisible beginning
forbidden possible preferred
available horrible admittance
convenience incredible monarchy
excellent democracy

Set on 10.10.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
beautiful communicate
definitely thumb community
judgement crumb committee
powerful climb harass
thoughtless comb occur
government debt occupy
criticise doubt definitely
disastrous thoughtful

Set on 03.10.19

Mr Fisher

Mr Burton

Mrs Robertson

persuaded disagree sense
making unkind equipment
creation misbehave sensible
famous unfair appreciate
observant dislike appreciation
appreciate misunderstand equipped
competition government
desperate environment

Set on 26.09.19

Mr Fisher Mr Burton Mrs Robertson
lightest finally lightest
sprinted gently sprinted
hunter sadly hunter
yawning happily yawning
loudly usually loudly
accommodate suddenly accommodate
bargain bargain
category category


Spellings are being practised in class this week. Spellings will be set on 26.09.19.