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Spellings set: 22.05.2018  / Spelling test: 05.06.2018

Mrs Taylor

Bit of a challenge for over half term - have a go with as many words as you can manage.

photography dolphin alphabet trophy apostrophe

Mr Michael
cautious infectious ambitious nutritious
superstitious caution infection ambition


Miss Meaker

A big focus in year 5/6 is on the correct use of homphones.  You will not be tested on every word.  However, you will need to use the correct homophone within the sentences dictated.     


allowed    (able to) missed        (verb/to miss someone) grown         (to grow up/height)
aloud        (out loud)
mist             (fog) groan          (~grumble)
piece        (~a part/section) guessed      (verb/~estimated) heal        (to cure)
peace       (opposite of war) guest           (at a party) heel        (of the foot)
he'll        (he will)
affect        (verb. E.g. The weather affected their mood)
effect        (noun. E.g. The author's words have an effect on the reader)



Spellings set: 15.05.2018 / Spelling test: 22.05.2018

Miss Meaker Mrs Taylor Mr Michael
listen coffee spacious
whistle offer vicious
ilstening traffic precious
sincerely huff suspicious
castle jiffy conscious
soften delicious
wrestle ferocious
especially malicious